basic needs are met

Our Basic Needs Are Met


An Estimated


Of Travis County Residents LIVE IN POVERTY


  • Bank on Central Texas is a community initiative led by United Way for Greater Austin to help more people find and sign up for bank accounts, by bringing together financial institutions, service providers, local government agencies and community organizations.  Other Financial Stability programs offered by  United Way for Greater Austin include financial literacy classes and savings programs .
  • Financial Fitness Greater Austin (FFGA) is an education and awareness initiative in partnership with the Alliance for Economic Inclusion, Senator Kirk Watson and more than 60 entities in the Greater Austin area. The goal of FFGA is to provide financial awareness and information to the Greater Austin community and emphasize the importance of financial literacy and the need for consumers to be proactive about managing their finances.
  • In order to reduce poverty, we must understand more about it and who is impacted by it. Travis County Health & Human Services Research and Planning will release a Poverty Analysis in the Spring of 2017 that explores and analyses data from the American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates for poverty and low-income populations in Travis and surrounding counties, giving us a clearer picture of who in our community is experiencing poverty.
  • United Way for Greater Austin facilitates a Two Gen Advisory Council of local partners that promotes policies to improve workforce skills of parents while also offering high quality child care to their children. The two generation approach helps to build long-term economic stability.
  • Access to good paying jobs is one way to turn the curve on this indicator. The dashboard page on unemployment identifies local efforts to help people gain skills, training and access to better paying jobs.