CAN Race Equity Action Framework

The Race Equity Action Framework (REAF) was developed by the Community Advancement Network (CAN) as a way to assess racial disparities in our local community and to identify areas of need where more attention may be needed to address these disparities. The REAF provides: access to data detailing racial disparities as well as the sources of the data/research; and listings of organizations working to address the specific disparities being highlighted. You can view or download specific sections using the document links that are provided here.

Message from CAN Executive Director about the REAF : Video Forthcoming


CAN’s Race Equity Action Framework Tool

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Race Equity Principles in Practice Training Series 

Many of us have taken Race Equity Trainings such as Beyond Diversity or Undoing Racism, and upon finishing, have wondered “what’s next?” CAN has created a series of trainings that focuses on ways to utilize the lessons learned in these race equity trainings in our daily lives, in our work, and in our community. The series of trainings will require you to reflect on your past racialized experiences, research your community and nation’s racial history, and learn about ways to actively engage in local work aimed at addressing racial inequality using the CAN Race Equity Action Framework.

Race Equity Principles in Practice Training Journal